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I have to give you a bit something to know our big neighbor across the ocean - Russia. Russia is one old antic Nation of all natives,  of the World selected people in a one word. There in Russia it's Russian. Russian means all in one, or a one fit for all nations. Only in Italy they are called Italian, in Greece - Greek, Armenia, America- American. To fit the World standard it has to be called in here American. If it called afro - american, then it  did not make to the right level. It's low origin. Every Country has its nation similar to the other country nation. All the best from one Country belong to  the other Country as well, for listening, enjoying, using as a good recipes, watching as a best  paintings. Share the best experience in between the origins we growing our spirit to be healthy, happy for building the heaven on the Earth. We friendly with the animals we choose to share the planet. But we always know we are different, we are people, we are better. Not our outside, but the inside always intent to do good, better, even perfect. We live and praise the life we live in, beautiful nature and everything we like for joy. Life is for a joy. Building journey for a joy.
Russian singer Kalya Beldy wants to take you for the journey in Tundra, up North to see a reindeer and snowy landscape. He assures you that nothing you can find better than this. And if you haven't been up North yet then listen to this magic music. Perhaps somewhere there Santa Claus may live, who knows!

Follow  Kalya Beldy, the Russian singer Aida sings a song about the forest deer.
And then after the forest deer Aida sings a song about the white bears. Those are adorable creatures of the North Pole. Russian sing about the animals they love.
Good music is always magic.




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You think who would hang Kaspersky virus over the local Internet?  - Those who think they own the internet, therefor they can fool around. Folks, do you wish to see at the glance how the lies look like? The Florida Luxury realty ( only the name make you hystericly laugh and warn: should we go to those strangers to dare to buy?!) - It's smells like a thiefs online for the eyes without of glasses. Vagrants with the 'Luxury' ambitions. Lana Black, the troll- escaper of Germany and sitter for free with a nice hair 'dos' to impress you for something really real. Go on and believe, what else you are left to do. It's their occupation. The vagrants from Germany. Read from the real sources, she never has any good license. Dumb face, dumb smile. That is our estimate. But them are paying a tips to our good Kaspersky of the board of West Pasco, therefor they are in a good hands... you're not IF you be in trap by them. Say goodbye to your money.  Today I give you just two of them.

Lana Black was sitting for little time in the Little road of Port Richey in amount of two: her ( the boss) and the other 'agent' who lies hard to sell and resell to sell and resell and sell again the unended play game of foreclosures of illegal and unknown 'investors'...- you certainly do not want that ! Jesus-Moses (!) how those people not care of what they do. Whoever tolerates them to be approved, they are living here in pure lies. Go on and "buy" with them. Lana Black, soon after Little road rejected her 'business', was settled near the Florida Luxury Realty ( her main bone dropper) on the road 52. She tried to catch a two birds at once , she was trying to sell grabbed after  foreclosure furnitures - must  did that so good that no more she is on the road 52. Gone to the road 19 and having a good 'friends' from the side work of the "Tampa Bay Times" publishers, they have made the brochure filled with the unclear investors housing and Lana and Laurie Neiman shared this page together. Lana Black and her husband operating with their 'own' printing facility.
 They dropped a good amount of those  'real estate magazines' in the Tarpon Spring city area where lots of foreigners and visiters can be hooked on their lies and buy something which would become the foreclosure soon after the sale. The 'Buyers' then would try to complain, so  those would probably refer them all to the Donald Trump, because he is a mogul and must be responsible, so and the Florida Realtors board or NAR. But I think nobody even know from the "Tampa Bay Times 
 that this fake magazine was printed as "Tampa Bay Times'" real estate brochure and dropped as something real good and approved in the Tarpon Spring city Down Town. I picked it up and soon will show you this photo too, both: Lana and Laurie ( a huge business of illegal activities)
Who is Laurie Neiman.(?) First of all learn a one good thing : as more abbreviation follows the lies as more lies in it for more impression.  Laurie Neiman was a spoiled daughter of the 'owner', if we can call it, of the Marie Powell realty out of 19 highway in Port Richey for some long time. Marie Powell got old and this agency was 'sold' to the Prudential Tropical realty out of 19 highway. Laurie Neiman is so good Realtor with her all abbreviation that neither could continue her mother's  business, neither could do anything good in the Prudential Tropical Realty. She did so much mess bringing the prostitution on the side that the whole real estate of Prudential Tropical Realty just collapsed, terminated. If the new agent would not choose the ugly annoying business Laurie pushed him to do, them he would commit to the big ugly open mouth, Laurie felt like a boss...still. They did not dare to just fire such a big name with the all abbreviation of the trolls online as Laurie Neiman. Well, today such a things like i showed you as example, have to find a job about their skill ( if they have any of it) and certainly be watched all the way. Very dangerous species. Tampa Bay Newspaper must check all the areas, because some Lana Blacks or others who using the printing facility out on a side can really mess, i mean MESS around without excuse. People who would be hurt after will think it's the Trump or "Tampa Bay Time" publishers who do it. Nop, this is a narrow mafia without of any legal status, that's why they all feel so good. When they caught they go home, must have their German passports> This i just guess.. according the behavior. You talk about FRAUD. It's here, they live near us and lie and lie and lie. Paperless lies, endless lies ! Their own printers of the  'Investors'-trolls  'printing' in the State of Florida.

We  hope you can find everything you need. Company Name is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. Call : 727-863-5151,  or   cell. 727- 858 - 2793 . Our address: 7021 Bougenville Dr., Port Richey, Florida, 34668.

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 This type of business serves people needs using the laws, rules and regulations of the Real Estate. Therefore it requires some quality in an agent's character as an honesty and responsibility, loyalty. The real agent sells  any house from the market offered by the MLS which match the consumer's  desires and availability. Agent is a real help and to show the house of the market as a colorful picture is at least he can do.    ''Red Carnation Realty'' is a Real Estate agency for a real consumer to help and protect their rights.  I know as a Broker of ''Red Carnation Realty'' Larisa Coughlin( it's me) cannot afford to lie. It took a lots of efforts, time, learning and studying to bring this firm as a business which stays to help, to work, to produce, to advice and generate the very important activities which in summary must do a big impact on the society where people looking for the true - place as a compass to move in a right direction.


Member of NAR   > news reporter, Florida Realtors , Member of MFRMLS RegionalMember of West Pasco board of realtors < Those are all desk clerks. We are business, we are independent of the desk clerks. The desk clerks are paid ( by the members)through the State and county to sit at their desks and bring more illegals and nondocumental at the board meeting where the camera will catch them for the further  procedures. That's why the illegal arrivals don't stay long at the board. The clerks get used to it. They sit and bore at their desks all day, every day. But they are paid for it. When you need a business look for a business. It's us ! We are !


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Tips for the buyers : For the buyers is very important to borrow the money from  the bank where they are protected by the law. The study shows that  borrowers  who using non -banks entities have a higher - risk profile.  Sellers with more than one offer will pick the ''best'' one, though ''best'' is an undefined term - in case of an offer, it's all in how the sellers view  it.  Can the buyer really afford the home? It helps if a buyer submits proof, and carries more weight than a simple letter from the lender.  In general, the more money a buyer is willing to put on the line, the more appealing the offer will be to the seller.  Market value isn't really a value.  Every house is different and have a different conditions and age.  Similar house is not really a similar, the looking similar from the outside can be very updated from the inside.  Market value is the value of what seller wants to sell his house for (if the house is not after foreclosure, means kept in a good condition).  The Agent has a loyalty to help to sell it. In many cases buyers have a choice, they are searching for the house they would like. 


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( Entertainment).  Here is something special for my friends. What is it? - It's one of those greatest and the world most popular fairy tales I listened when I could not even read yet. All fairy tales have a magic power: they are loved by all ages, kids and adults.  Every Country has a similar story , may be a little altered on its own way. These stories are unforgettable and always have their ways to come back in memories. ...I am taking a book, smile like a ..... long, long, long time ago when I was just a kid. Open a book, here is a story, ....

                                             Fairy Tale about Fisherman and  Fish .

   There once lived an old man and his good-wife on the shore of the deep blue ocean;

   They lived in a  tumble-down Hovel for thirty-three summers and winters.

   The old man used to fish for his living and his wife spun yarn on her distaff.

   He once cast his net in the ocean, and pulled it up with mud from the bottom;

   He again cast his net in the ocean, and this time caught nothing but seaweed;

   When he cast his net for the third time, one fish was all that he landed,

   No common fish, though, but a goldfish .

   Now the goldfish began to implore him, and it spoke like a real human being:

   'Put me back, old man, into the ocean - I will pay you a right royal ransom,

   I will give you whatever you ask me.''   The old man was astonished and frightened-

   He 'd been fishing for thirty-three summers, but had not heard of any fish talking.

   So with care he untangled the goldfish and tenderly said as he did so :

   ''God bless you, my dear little goldfish ! Thank you kindly, I don't want your ransom.

   Go back to your home in the ocean, and roam where you will without hindrance.''

   To his wife the old fisherman hastened to tell her about this great marvel.

   '' I caught only one fish this morning- a goldfish it was, most uncommon;

   It spoke like a Human , and begged me to put it back into the ocean,

    And promised to pay a rich ransom, to give me whatever I asked for.

   But how could I ask for a ransom? I released it without any payment.''

   His wife started scolding her husband: ''Oh you simpleton !Oh yon great silly !

   Couldn't make a mere fish pay a ransom ! You at least might have asked for a wash-tub

   For ours is all falling to pieces !''     The old man returned to the seashore ,

   Where the blue waves were frolicking lightly.  He called out aloud for the goldfish ,

   And the goldfish swam up and demanded :  ''What is it, old man, you are wanting ?''

   With a bow, the old man said in answer : ''Forgive me, Your Majesty Goldfish !

   My old woman has scolded me roundly - won't leave me alone for a minute ,

   She says that she wants a new wash-tub, for ours is all falling to pieces .''  

   The goldfish murmured in answer : '' Do not worry, go home, God be with you -''

   To his wife the old fisherman hastened, and behold - there it was, the new wash -tub .

   But she scolded him louder than ever : '' Oh you simpleton ! Oh you great silly !

   To ask for a tub - a mere wash - tub ! What good can you get from a washtub ?

   Return to the goldfish, you silly , bow  down low and ask for a cottage .''

   Again he went back to the seashore, and this time the blue sea was troubled .

   He called  out aloud for the goldfish , and the goldfish swam up and demanded :

   '' What is it, old man, you are wanting ? ''  With a bow,  the old man said in answer :

   '' Forgive me, Your Majesty Goldfish ! My old woman is angrier than ever ,

    Won't leave me alone for a minute - the old scold says she wants a new cottage .''

    The Goldfish murmured in answer : '' Do not worry, go home, God be with you !

    So be it ! You'll have a new cottage ! ''   So back the old man turned his footsteps ;

    Not a sign did he see of his hovel . In its place stood a new gabled cottage ,

    With a chimney of brick , newly whitewashed , a fence with oak gates stood around it ;

    A there sat his wife at a window ; when she saw him , she scolded him roundly :

    '' Oh you simpleton ! Oh you great silly !  To ask for no more than a cottage !

    Go and bow to the goldfish , and tell it that I'm tired of being a peasant ,

    That I want to be made a Fine Lady .''    The old man then returned to the seashore,

    Where the ocean was restlessly foaming , he called out aloud for the goldfish .

    The goldfish swam up and demanded : ''  What is it, old man , you are wanting ? ''

    With a bow , the old man said in answer : ''Forgive me, Your Majesty Gold fish !

    My old woman is madder than ever , she gives me no rest for a second ,

    Says she's tired of being a peasant , and wants to be a Fine Lady .''

    The goldfish murmured in answer : '' Do not worry, go home , God be with you .''

    To his wife the old fisherman hastened , and what did he see ? - a tall mansion ;

    On its white marble stairs - his old woman .  She was wearing a rich sable jacket ,

    And head-dress , in gold all embroidered ;  Her neck was with pearls heavy laden ;

    She wore golden rings on her fingers ; she was shod in the softest red leather ;

    Zealous servants bowed meekly before her , as she cuffed them and rated them roundly.

    The old man then approached his wife , saying : '' Greetings, your ladyship, greetings, Fine Lady !

    Now I hope that your soul is contented ! "     She angrily bade him be silent  

    And sent him to serve in the stables .     First a week slowly passed , then another , 

    The old woman grew prouder than ever . One morning she sent for her husband ,and said  :

   '' Bow to the goldfish and tell it I am tired of being a Lady, and I want to be made a Tsaritsa (queen).''

    Her husband implored her in terror , saying :' ' Woman -you're surely gone crazy !

    You can't even talk like a lady !  You'd be mocked at all over the kingdom ! ''

    His old woman grew madder than ever , slapped his face and then shouted in passion :

    '' How dare you, muzhik , stand and argue, stand and argue with me , a Fine Lady  ?

    Go at once - if you don't , then I warn you , you'll be dragged to the shore , willy - nilly .''

    The old man went down to the seashore  ( the ocean was swollen and sullen ) .

    He called out aloud for the goldfish , and the goldfish swam up and demanded :

    'What is it , old man, yon are wanting ?''   With a bow , the old man said in answer :

    '' Forgive me , Your Majesty Goldfish ! Again my old woman's gone crazy !

     Now she's tired of being a Lady ! She wants to be made a Tsaritsa . ''

     The goldfish murmured in answer : '' Do not worry , go home , God be with you ! 

     Very well ! She shall be a Tsaritsa !''     To his wife the old fisherman hastened ,

      And what did he see ?  A grand palace ; In the palace he saw his old woman ,

      At the table she sat , a Tsaritsa , attended   by nobles and boyards ;

      They were pouring choice wines in her goblet , she was nibbling sweet gingerbread wafers ;

      Around her , grim guards stood in silence , with halberds upon their broad shoulders .

      The old man was aghast when he saw this , he bowed to her feet and said humbly :

     '' Greetings , Oh mighty Tsaritsa ! Now I hope that your soul is contented ! ''

      But she gave not a glance at her husband - she ordered him thrust from her presence .

      The boyards and nobles all hastened and drove him with blows from the chamber ;

      The guards at the door waved their halberds and threatened to cut him to pieces .

      All the people derided him , saying : '' Serves you right , now , you ill-bred old fellow .

      You churl - this will teach you a lesson , to keep to your station in future ! ''

      First a week slowly passed , then another ;  The old woman grew prouder than ever .

      She sent for her husband one morning , and her chamberlain haled him before her .

      The old woman spoke thus to her husband :'' Go , bow to the goldfish , and tell it that

      I 'm tired of being Tsaritsa , of the seas I want to be mistress , with my home in the blue ocean waters ;

      The goldfish I want for my servant to do my commands and my errands .''

      The old man durst not contradict her , nor open his lips to make answer .

      He sadly set out for the seashore. A tempest raged over the ocean , its waters were Swollen and Angry,

      Its  billows were boiling with fury . He called out aloud for the goldfish .

      The goldfish swam up and demanded : '' What is it , old man , you are wanting ?''

      With a bow , the old man said in answer : ''Forgive me , Your majesty Goldfish !

      What shall I do with my cursed old woman ? She is tired of being Tsaritsa ,

      Of the seas she now wants to be mistress , with her home in the blue ocean waters ;

      She wants you to be her own servant , to do her commands and her errands .''

      Not a word spoke the goldfish in answer , it just swished its tail , and in silence

      Disappeared in the depths of the ocean . He waited in vain for an answer ,

      And at last turned his steps to the palace ;  And behold - there again stood his Hovel ;

      On the doorstep sat his old woman , with the same broken wash - tub before her . 

                                                                        ( Alexander   Pushkin,  Russian writer-poet

                                                                                                                          1799 - 1837 )   


                                             Hans          Christian          Andersen . 

Hans Christian Andersen (1805 - 1875) was a Danish  author. Although a prolific writer of plays, travelogues, novels, and poems, Andersen is best remembered for his fairy tales.  Andersen's popularity is not limited to children. Reading  his stories you understand that all of them have a magic power behind of the magic as a ''magic'' what occurs in a fairy tale. This magic of his stories is about of teaching us to be kind, open heart, open mind, stay alert to any unexpectable surprises and be resistant to the bad and horrible things in our life. His fairy tales attract any age and nationality. They are universal. Andersen's fairy tales, which have been translated into more than 125 languages, have become culturally embedded in the West's collective consciousness, readily accessible to children, but presenting lessons of virtue and resilience in the face of adversity for mature readers as well. Some of his most famous fairy tales include ''The Emperor's New Clothes'', ''The Little Mermaid'', ''The Nightingale'', ''The Snow Queen'', ''The Ugly Duckling'', and many more.

His stories have inspired ballets, both animated and live-action films, and plays.

Disney's animation of Hans Anderson's Thumbelina, song ' let me be your wing'


                      The  Emperor's New Suit  

Many, many years ago lived an Emperor, who thought so much of new clothes that he spent all his money in order to obtain them;  his only ambition was  to be always well dressed. He did not care for his soldiers, and the theatre did not amuse him; the only thing, in fact, he thought anything of was to drive out and show a new suit of clothes. He had a coat for every hour of the day; and as one would say of a king '' He is in his cabinet'', so one could say of him, ''The emperor is in his dressing-room''.

The great city where he resided  had many strangers from all parts of the globe arrived. One day two swindlers came to  this city; they made people believe that they were weavers, and declared they could manufacture the finest cloth to be imagined.  Their colours and patterns, they said, were not only exceptionally beautiful, but the clothes made of their material possessed the wonderful quality of being invisible to any man who was unfit for his office or unpardonable stupid.

''That must be wonderful cloth,'' thought the emperor. ''If I were to be dressed in a suit made of this cloth I should be able to find out which men in my empire were unfit for their places, and I could distinguish the clever from the stupid. I must have this cloth woven for me without delay.'' And he gave a large sum of money to the swindlers, in advance, that they should set to work without any loss of time. They set up two looms, and pretended to be very hard at work , but they did nothing whatever on the looms. They asked for the finest silk and the most precious gold-cloth; all they got they did away with, and worked at the empty looms till late at night.

''I should very much like to know how they are getting on with the cloth'', thought the emperor. But he felt rather uneasy when he remembered that he who was not fit for his office could not see it.  Personally, he was of opinion that he had nothing to fear, yet he thought it advisable to send somebody else first to see how matters stood. Everybody in the town knew what a remarkable  quality the stuff possessed, and all were  anxious to see how bad or stupid their neighbors were.  ''I shall send my honest old minister to the weavers'', thought the emperor. ''He can judge best how the stuff looks, for he is intelligent, and nobody understands his office better than he''.  The good old minister went into the room where the swindlers sat before the empty looms.  ''Heaven  preserve us ! '' he thought, and opened his eyes wide, ''I cannot see anything at all,'' but he did not say so. Both swindlers requested him to come near, and asked him if he did not admire the exquisite pattern and the beautiful colours, pointing to the empty looms. The poor old minister tried his very best, but he could see nothing, for there was nothing to be seen. ''Oh, dear'', he thought, ''can I be so stupid? I should never have thought so, and nobody must know it ! Is it possible that I am not fit for my office? No, no, I cannot say that I was unable to see the cloth.''  ''Now, have you got nothing to say ?'' said one of the swindlers, while he pretended to be busily weaving.  - ''Oh, it is very pretty, exceedingly beautiful,'' replied the old minister looking through his glasses.  ''What a beautiful pattern , what brilliant colours ! I shall tell the emperor that I like the cloth very much''.  ''We are pleased to hear that'', said the two weavers, and described to him the colours and explained the curious pattern. The old minister listened  attentively, that he might relate to the emperor what they said; and so he did. 

Now the swindlers asked for more money, silk and gold-cloth, which they required for weaving. They kept everything for themselves, and not a  thread came near the loom, but they continued, as hitherto, to work at the empty looms.  Soon afterwards the emperor sent another honest courtier to the weavers to see how they were getting on, and if the cloth was nearly finished.  Like the old minister, he looked and looked but could see nothing, as there was nothing to be seen.

''Is it not a beautiful piece of cloth?'' asked the two swindlers, showing and explaining the magnificent pattern, which, however, did not exist. '' I am not stupid'', said the man. '' It is therefore my good appointment for which I am not fit. It is very strange, but I must not let any one know it;'' and he praised the cloth, which he did not see, and expressed his joy at the beautiful colours and fine pattern. ''It is very excellent,'' he said to the emperor.   Everybody in the whole town talked about the precious cloth. At last the emperor wished to see it himself, while it was still on the loom. With a number of courtiers, including the two who had already been there, he went to the two clever swindlers, who now worked as hard as they could, but without using any thread.   ''Is it not magnificent?'' said the two old statesmen who had been there before. ''Your Majesty must admire the colours and the pattern''. And then they pointed to the empty looms, for they imagined the others could see the cloth.  ''What is this?'' thought the emperor, '' I do not see anything at all. That is terrible ! Am I stupid ? Am I unfit to be emperor ? That would indeed be the most dreadful thing that  could happen to me.''  ''Really,'' he said, turning to the weavers, ''your cloth has our most gracious approval;'' and nodding  contentedly he looked at the empty loom, for he did not like to say that he saw nothing. All his  attendants, who were  with him, looked and looked, and although they could not see anything more than the others, they said, like the emperor, '' It is very beautiful.'' And all advised him to wear the new magnificent clothes at a great procession which was soon to take place.  ''It is magnificent, beautiful, excellent,'' one heard them say; everybody seemed to be delighted, and the emperor appointed the two swindlers ''Imperial Court weavers.''    ..The whole night previous to the day on which the procession was to take place, the swindlers pretended to work, and burned more than sixteen candles. People should see that they were busy to finish the emperor's new suit. They pretended to take the cloth from the loom, and worked about in the air with big scissors,  and sewed  with needles without thread,  and said at last: '' The emperor's new suit is ready now.''

The emperor and all his barons then came to the hall; the swindlers held their arms up as if they held something in their hands and said: ''These are the trousers!'' ''This is the coat!'' and ''Here is the cloak!'' and so on.  ''They are all as light as a cobweb, and one must feel as if one had nothing at all upon the body; but that is just the beauty of them.''  ''Indeed!'' said all the courtiers; but they could not see anything, for there was nothing to be seen.  ''Does it please your Majesty now to graciously undress,'' said the swindlers, ''that we may assist your Majesty in putting on the new suit before the large looking-glass?''  The emperor undressed, and the swindlers pretended to put the new suit upon him, one  piece after another; and the emperor looked at himself in the glass from every side.   ''How well they look ! How well they fit !'' said all. ''What a beautiful pattern ! What fine colours ! That is a magnificent suit of clothes!''   The master of the ceremonies announced that the bearers of the canopy, which was to be carried in the procession, were ready.   ''I am ready.'' said  the emperor. ''Does not my suit fit me marvelously?''  Then he turned once more to the looking-glass, that people should think he admired his garments.

The chamberlains, who were to carry the train, stretched their hands to the ground as if they lifted up  a train, and pretended to hold something in their hands; they did not like people to know that they could not see anything.   The emperor marched in the procession under the beautiful canopy, and all who saw him in the street and out of the windows exclaimed:'' Indeed, the emperor's new suit is incomparable! What a long train he has ! How well it fits him !'' Nobody wished to let others know he saw nothing, for then he would have been unfit for his office or too stupid. Never emperor's clothes were more admired.

'' But he has nothing on at all,'' said a little child at last. ''Good heavens ! Listen to the voice of an innocent child,'' said the father, and one whispered to the other what the child had said. ''But he has nothing on at all,'' cried at last the whole people. That made a deep impression upon the emperor, for it seemed to him that they were right; but he thought to himself, ''Now I must bear up to the end.''  And the chamberlains walked with still greater dignity, as if they carried the train which did not exist.

                                Ugly Duckling

                                  ( Russia, soyuzmultfilm 1956 )



       Ivan  Andreevich  Krylov ( 1769 - 1844)

                     Famous  Russian  Fabulist.  

                                             Swan,  Pike  and  Crawfish.  

                 When partners can't agree  their dealings come to naught

                       And    trouble    is   their   labor's   only    fruit.   

                       Once  Crawfish,  Swan  and  Pike   set   out  to   pull  a  loaded  cart ,

                       And  all   together   settled  in   the    traces ;

                       They   pulled   with   all   their   might  ,   but   still 

                       The   cart    refused    to    budge   !

                       The     load   it    seemed   was   not  too   much   for    them  :

                       Yet     Crawfish     scrambled    backwards ,  Swan   strained  up  skywards ,

                        Pike   pulled     toward    the    sea .

                         Who ' s    guilty    here   and   who   is   right   is   not   for   us  to    say  -

                        But    anyway    the    cart 's    still    there    today (   written  in 1814  )                                                                                                          




                          The    Tale    Of    The    Golden    Cockerel  .

                                                                                       Alexander  Pushkin   1834           

  In the realm of  Threeteenseventy, Commonwealth of Thriceleventy, lived the famousTsar Dadon.                                    Fierce he was from boyhood on, and when scarcely more than twenty wrought his neighbors wrong aplenty.                        Aging now, he changed in mind, would give up the warlike grind for a life serene and festive. But his neighbors,                  Growing restive  caused the grizzled Tsar alarm, dealing him a world of harm. To protect the tsardom's  borders               from the raids of bold marauders, he was forced to raise and post and unconscionable host.  Field commanders,                 never drowsing, still would scarce have finished dousing flames at left when, ho! at right hostile banners hove in sight.    These fought off, some visitation came by sea. The Tsar's frustration drove him wild  enough to weep                                and forgo  the balm of sleep. Who could thrive when thus infested ? So he pondered and requested succour from a gelding sage, planet - reckoner  and mage; sent a runner to implore him  and the magus, brought before him,                      from beneath his ample frock drew a golden  weathercock.  ''Let this golden bird,'' he chanted , ''High atop the spire be planted, and my clever Cockerel be your faithful sentinel. While there's naught of martial riot, he will sit his perch in quiet ; Let there be on any side signs of war to be espied, of some squadron border - poaching, or some other ill approaching , straight my bird upon the dome will awaken , perk his comb, crow and veer, his ruff a - fluffing,                       Point where harm is in the offing.''  Rapt, the Tsar allowed the sage heaps of gold for ready wage.                                          ''Such momentous boon afforded, ''  he rejoiced, '' shall be rewarded by a wish, to be fulfilled  like my own as soon as willed.'' Cockerel atop the spire started guarding march and shire,  scarce a danger  reared its head, up he perked as though from bed, slewed about, his collar  ruffled, to that side and, wings unshuffled, crew aloud ''Keeree - kookoo !          Reign abed , your guard is true.'' Kings, the Tsar's domains investing, henceforth never dared molest him :                              Tsar dadon on every hand hurled them back by sea and land ! One year, two, the shrewd informant had been roosting all but dormant, when one morning they broke in on Dadon with fearful din. ''Tsar of ours!  The realm's defender  !''                  Cries the household troop's commander, ''Majesty ! Wake up ! Alert !''  ''Eh?...what's up?...Is someone hurt?''                             Drawled the Tsar amid a double yamn, ''who is this? What's the trouble?''  Answered him the Captain thus :                            ''Hark, the rooster's warning us;  look below and see the people mill in fear, and on the steeple see the rooster ,                    ruffle -fleeced,  crowing, pointing to the East.''  ''Up No time to lose !'' their master spurred them  on ,                                      ''mount horses ! Faster !'' Eastward thus a force he sped, with his eldest at its head.  Cockerel gave  over screaming ,           and the Tsar continued  dreaming . Seven days go by and more , but no message from the the corps :                                      has the march  been rough or quiet - naught  to tell it or deny it.  Cockerel goes off once more !                                               Tracking down the elder's corps , rides the younger with another to the rescue of his brother.                                                  Presently  subsides the bird; and again no more is heard ! And again the people ,troubled , wait a week, their fears redoubled . Yet again the cock is heard , and Dadon sends out a third host, himself commander of it ,                                       Though unsure what this might profit . Day and night the columns wind, then it preys upon each mind :                                  not a camp or battleground, not a warriors' burial mound, is encountered near or far .  ''Strange and stranger ,''                    thinks the Tsar. One week gone, the country changes, rising, high through hills and ranges, then, amid the peaks ahead ,     Look!  A silken tent is spread. Wondrous hush enfolds the scene round the tent; a gaunt ravine cradles  hosts  in                 battle rent . Now Dadon has reached the tent... . Staggers backward : sight appalling, hard before his eyes lie fallen ,           stripped of helm and armour chain,  both his noble princes , slain, pierced each by the other's charge ;                                     and their wandering mounts at large on the mead all stamped and scored, on the bloodied meadow - sward...                        " Boys... my boys... '' the father groaned, ''Strangled  both my hawks,'' he moaned,  ''Life is  forfeit - woe is me ...                     Here were killed  not two but three.'' Wail of men and master merges soon resound with heavy dirges gorge and cliff,         the mountain's heart shakes.  Behold, the curtains part  on the tent ... The prize of maidens, queen of Shamakhan, in radiance lambent like the morning star, quietly salutes the Tsar . Silenced by her brilliant  gaze like a nightbird by the  day's, numb he stands - her sight oustuns   Aye ! the death of both his sons. Now she looked at him, beguiling, swept a graceful bow and, smiling, took his hand and drew him on  to her tent came Tsar Dadon. At her table did she seat him,         to all sorts of victuals  treat him, and for rest his body laid on an othman of brocade. Thus full seven days he lavished,      all enslaved  by her and ravished, on delight and merriment in the royal maiden's tent.  At long last, though, forth he sallied , his surviving forces rallied, and, the maiden in his train, led his army home again. Rumor started to outspeed him,   tales of hap and no-hap breeding... Throngs of subjects small and great swirl beyond the city gate round the coach of        Tsar and Empress, fabled  Shamakhanian  temptress ; Tsar Dadon salutes them there ... All at once he is aware                    of his friend , the wise old eunuch, in his white tarboosh and tunic, snowy-thatched now, like a swan. ''Father mine,''             exclaimed  Dadon , ''Hail! How fare you ? At your leisure Come and speak; what is your pleasure?'' ''Tsar'' replied the aged mage , '' Now we square desert and wage.  For the aid I once accorded, you recall, I was awarded my first wish-to be            fulfilled , like your own, as soon as willed. Let this maid be what I won,  this young queen of Shamakhan .''                               ''What?'' Dadon fell back ,amazed. ''What possessed you? Are you crazed? Does some wicked demon ride you?                      Have your wits dried up inside you ? What's your game , in heaven's name ? Pledge I did ; but all the same  there are limits,   Well you knew; and - what use is she to you ? Kindly lodge it in your head who I am ! Why, ask instead for my mint,             a magnate's sable , stallion from the royal stable, half my tsardom if you please !''  ''No, I wish for none of these! Just you give me what I won , this young queen of Shamakhan,'' piped the sage in former fasion . ''No!'' the Tsar spat , in a passion;    '' You yourself have brought this on ! You'll have nothing ! There ! Be gone while you're in one piece ! I say !    Drag the         scarecrow from my way!''  Whitebeard wanted to pursue it , but with some , you're apt to rue it; with an angry scepter         blow Tsar Dadon has laid him low , not to breathe again .- The city gave a shudder , but our pretty : ''Ha-ha-ha'' and ''hi-hi-hi,'' not a pious thought, you see.  Tsar Dadon , though greatly flustered, at her, smiled as soft as custard, and proceeded   cityward . Then a tiny sound  was heard , and in sight of all  the people , Look ! The cock whirred off the steeple , swooped upon the coach of state, perched upon the monarch's pate , fluffed his ruff  and pecked and clink ! Soared aloft...                 Without a blink  Tsar Dadon  slid off  his seat, gave a wheeze and stretched  his feet. Gone the Empress sight unseen ,        Just as though she'd never been.                                                                                                                                                           Tale of sense, if not of truth !  Food for thought to honest youth.                                                                                         





Samuil  Marshak (1887-1964) was a Russian writer, translator and children's poet. Marshak had known as in a children's literature. Soviet time's critic Viktor Shklovsky wrote that ''Samuil Marshak understood that many writers would appear  in the new Soviet republic. He stood at the door of literature , a benevolent angel, armed not with a sword or with a pencil, but with words on work  and inspiration.'' In 1924 S. Marshak became the head of the children's branch of the state publishing house Gosizdat, a position he held for over a decade. Through his role as editor, Marshak attracted some of Russia's best writers to try their hand at writing for children, including Evgeny Shvarts and Daniel Kharms... Among his russian translations there are William Shakespear's sonnets and songs from his plays, English and Scottish folk ballads, Robert Burns, Lord Byron, Robert Luis Stevenson. Besides English poetry, he translated poems of Heinrich Heine, Giani Rodari and many others....  During World War II S. Marshak published satires against the nazis. Despite of a lots of renovations in a Politic of the young soviet Country Samuil Marshak used an old classic way of telling his stories, making a path to the people's hearts.                                  Marshak died in July 1964 and was buried in Moscow. 


                      '' 12 Months ''  (S. Marshak)   

Crow.- Oh, what a terrible cold... One should fly about to stay warm. But I am too old for that. Too old !              Rabbit. -Do you think I am any better? I'm hopping around and freezing all the same !                                                   Birds.- It's too cold! Cold ! So cold. Come down you, squirrels ! Let's play catch  the fire ! We will wake the sun and welcome Spring!                                                                                                                                                               Squirrels sing and dance. - A rabbit, a rabbit, comes with us through the grass. Can't run with us, needs to buy shoes first. If you wear shoes, rabbit, so no one can find you, you better make a huge leap ! And you -are- it!-You are it . Rabbit. - No! Not true !                                                                                                                                       Squirrels.- Of course! Everyone else is out, so you are it!                                                                                           Sing together :- Burn, burn brighter and Lenz will come sooner! We have come out to catch the Spring! Catch us, catch us! Faster! So he doesn't get us! We have to hide ! (squirrels climbed the tree).                                                     Rabbit.- You can't go up there ! It's against the rules . You should be ashamed of yourselves ! I won't play with you again, just so you know it !                                                                                                                                  Squirrels.- Jump, just jump! Do it like we do ! Shake your tale a little and you're in.                                                         Rabbit jumps.- Not working...The tale is too short and the branch too high.                                                                    (The young girl suddenly appears and start laughing at this game.)                                                                                  Rabbit continue .- You think because you  are up there you can make fun of me? I am not a fool, keep that in mind. And if I catch you, you will have nothing more to laugh about !                                                                                         The voice from the woods .- A very good morning I wish you! Say, why are you so happy? Did you find a treasure?Or did you receive some good news, little girl ?                                                                                                            Girl.- Neither of those! Four squirrels and a rabbit just played catch the fire here. They spoke like us! I could understand everything! Every word.                                                                                                                                  Old soldier.- Oh, I wholly believe you. Remember what day it is today ! The old year is ending and the new one is on it's way .There are still stranger things that happen on New Year Eve.                                                                             Girl.- Really?                                                                                                                                                                     Old soldier.- My grandfather for example often told me that his grandfather, when he was still a little boy... On New Year's Eve meaning, just at the beginning of the  New Year...he might have been the same age as you... he met all twelve  months!  The whole year. All Seasons he experienced at the same time. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.                                                                                                                                                                          Girl.-But that's impossible !                                                                                                                                                 Old soldier - But that' how it was.  ... you should take care that you don't catch a cold without a coat. Just what manner of person let you go out alone into the woods in this weather ?                                                                      Girl.- My stepmother... She sends me out every day to look for brushwood.                                                                     Old soldier.- So, that's how it is. Well, little girl, it seems you must do so then. I will help you, so that you are home to warm quarters again soon. There is still time enough for my task.                                                                              Girl.- I will help you as well. What are you to do?                                                                                                               Old soldier. - I am to fell a fir the most beautiful there is, for her majesty, the queen!  And I ought to be on the good side of queens for  if she doesn't like the fir and is in a bad mood I am doomed for sure.                                                 Girl.- But she musn't harm you .                                                                                                                                         Old soldier.- The queen is unpredictable. She is barely older than you ! She lost her parents as well. Since that day she reigns alone and won't listen to anybody. She does whatever she wants.                                                                   Girl.- So the queen is an orphan. Just like me... I feel sorry for her.                                                                                  Old soldier.- And how right you are with that. A young person who won't let others teach her any sensible thing.   Girl.- So the queen does not want to learn anything ? Not even how to read  and  write ?                                          Old soldier.-  My dear child, what are you thinking ? Of course she learns how to write and read. She even has her own teacher. And what one at that ! A renowned Professor.                                                                                    *            *              *      *           *               *           *               *              *            *        * Meanwhile in a Royal Palace  the little queen has writing at the board with the chalk: ''My majesty''-finished.           Professor.- If her majesty will allow me to make her aware that her majesty has made three mistakes again by writing these two words.''      Queen.- Does it bother you?  Then simply don't look. But if it pleases you... See? So swiftly have all the mistakes dissapeared. (queen took the rug and wiped it all off the board)  I don't like writing anyway. Professor.- Freed from winter's sleep the fragrant grasses lay. Let me savour sunshine and Spring's Glory already today.              Queen.- I will only write ''sunshine'' and ''Spring's Glory''.   (Suddenly , the chancellor walked in the room ) Chancellor.- I humbly request of her majesty to graciously sign this paper with her signature .                Queen.- If you like . Come on then, if it is that important. I simply won't continue the professor's paperwork then. Enough for today.                                                                                                                                                                                 *                 *                   *                    *               *                    *                  *             *             *              *               *            Old soldier meanwhile helping the young girl  to pack the woods on the sled : ''See, your work is done. Now I will look for that fir. You know it has to be quite the special one.''                                                                                Girl.- I will show you the most beautiful fir in the whole forest ! You will be amazed how strong it is and how evenly grown.                                                                                                                                                                                 Old soldier. - Very well. Show me the way meaning if you aren't too tired already.                                                          Girl. - What? Today on New year's Eve you just can't be tired !                                                                                         *            *                *                   *                *                 *                 *                  *                *                  *                    *    ( In palace) Queen. - Oh, I 'm so tired already.                                                                         Concellor. - I beg your pardon, your majesty. I regret that I must bother you again to write something.              Queen . - Out with you ! I don't want to always write!                                                                                     Chancellor. - If her majesty will just come to a decision. It is an appeal for mercy .                                                          Queen. - Fine, so that I may get rid of you already!  What am I to write ?                                                                         Chacellor. - Nothing is easier than that . Either ''hang'' or ''pardon''.                                                                                 Queen.( counts) - Pardon or hang, then I'd  much rather write ''hang''! It's shorter at least.                                               Professor. - I humbly urge her majesty to rethink what she just  wrote .                                                                           Queen. -  You  always find fault with somebody ! What did I do wrong this time ? That was perfectly right . Or was it spelled ''heng''?         Professor .-It would not have been that bad if it was only a misspelling. But this mistake is irreversible.  To spare few letters your majesty has chosen the shorter word and now this one word will cost another human it's life.                              Queen. -You seem to forget that with just one signature I could have you executed as well. Even today if I feel like it.     Professor.- I beg your pardon. But would her majesty have the benignity to tell me why ?                                           Queen. - Because I want to . Every time I say something you say it is wrong and if I write a sentence right you still find mistakes !                                                                                                                                                                            Professor. - Pardon, your majesty . I will never have  the audacity again to disagree with your majesty.                        Queen. - Is it so?  We will see. If you will professor, I allow you to continue with your lesson. You may ask me something .                                                                                                                                                                         Professor. - How much is six times six,  your majesty ?                                                                                          Queen. - Six times six? Seventeen!                                                                                                                                   Professor. - Bravo! Exactly right, your majesty. And how much is eight times eight ?                                                      Queen . - Three.                                                                                                                                                                  Professor. - Mental arithmetic  was always your majesty's strong point. And how much is...                                   Queen. -  How much is this, how much is that ! I am sick and tired of these questions ! I'd rather you tell me something interesting for a change.                                                                                                                                   Professor. - About what?                                                                                                                                                   Queen. - Well, something that has to do with the New Year. That might be the most appropriate for a New Year's Eve today.                                                                                                                                                                                   Professor. - As your majesty commands. So hear me, your majesty. A year consists of twelve months and these months follow each other in a particular order. Each month brings us different  gifts , brings us new joys and new suprises.  December, January and February brings us skating and the joys of carnival.  In March the snow  usually  begins to thaw. It gets warmer - Spring is on it's way. And in April the first snowdrops appear.                                         Queen. - Snowdrops? (Galanthus flowers in Latin) . They are my favorite flowers. I want them right now. Can't it be April now?                                                                                                                                                                           Professor. - April before January ? That is impossible, your majesty.                                                                    Queen. - Impossible you say ?                                                                                                                                          Professor. -  I cannot do otherwise but to contradict her majesty in this because this order is a law of Nature.  Queen . - I want Snowdrops ! Then I will simply decree a new law of Nature ! Come on over here, professor. Sit down at my desk. Now we will reverse the roles for a change. I will dictate . That is much easier. Write! Freed from winter's sleep the fragrant grasses lay. What is it ? Why aren't you starting ?                                                                                 Royal  news announcers. --  ''Here your queen's lore the grass will be rich with flowers. I demand snowdrops to bloom right at this hour! Freed from winter's sleep the fragrant grasses lay. Let me savour sunshine and Spring's Glory already today !     For the queen's joy do as you are told. Go pick snowdrops now. I will offset them in gold ! Bring the snowdrops today into my palace, I will give you gold as much as the basket carries.''                                       Commoners on the street, mother and daughter. - Where will we find such a big basket? We have only one who would carry gold enough, and it has a hole...   (both walking home to look for a basket. At home they found a basket.  Front door opens, the girl just came back from the forest .) Stepmother. - Warm your hands but hurry. You have to go outside again!                                                                                                                                                                      Girl. - In this snowstorm? But where to ? Look. Everything is completely covered with snow, coupled with weather you wouldn't send a dog out to.                                                                                                                                                 Daughter. - Where to ? Into the forest to pick snowdrops.                                                                                                 Girl. - On New Year's Eve? But they first bloom in Spring.                                                                                                Stepmother. - Humbug, you heard what we told you ! Go ! And do not dare come back without the snowdrops!            *            *            *              *               *             *              *              *                 *           *               *             *                *    In the forest there is a snowstorm have begun. Girl tries to walk :''No ! I can't go on'' Then she hears the singing and sees the light  near. The girl led by the song she hears towards to the meadow . There is a big field, in the center of field is a big fire, there are twelve months staying around the fire. They sing:'' Burn, burn brighter and Lenz at the Fire will come sooner! Summer will be hotter and winter whiter then. Burn with crackle, for in the darkness of the forest. After the might of winter, there will be berries in abundance. Burn light and give warmth. Burn without fail.  That the crop may succeed , fly beard on the wind. Burn your flames , send out your sparks till dawn alights the sky! Burn the crackle, for in the darkness of the forest after the might of winter, there will be berries in abundance. ''                            The girl    suddenly came out of the trees near the fire. - Good evening.                                                            Brothers. - A warm welcome to you .                                                                                                                                 Girl. - Would you allow me to warm myself by the fire?                                                                                                      Brothers. - Gladly. But be careful that you do not burn yourself. You have a basket with you. What are you looking for ?Surely for pine cones to heat with.                                                                                                                         Girl. - No.. Sadly, not for a pine cones.                                                                                                                              Young brother. - You aren't collecting mushrooms, are you?                                                                                           Girl. - No, I'm also not looking  for mushrooms. The basket is for flowers . My stepmother sent me into the forest. I have to pick up snowdrops for her.                                                                                                                                     March. - You hear that?  Well, Brother April, if she is looking for snowdrops she can only be your guest!                       Girl.-  Believe me, I would  like to laugh with you, but I don't feel like laughing. The queen promised  a basket of gold to those  who bring her a basket of snowdrops into the palace. My stepmother heard this and immediately I was send into the forest to look for snowdrops.                                                                                                                                  December. -  I'm afraid we cannot help you. Everything is covered in snow. For her snowdrops the queen will have to wait till Spring.                                                                                                                                                                     Girl. - I know, but what else can I do ? I am not allowed to return without them. Goodbye then. And thank you very much for letting me warm myself.                                                                                                                                       April. -  Please wait, girl! Just a moment I beg of you, brother January. Let me just reign one hour in your stead !          January. -  For myself I would agree but before you it is February's and March's turn.                                                     March. - It won't fail because of me ! I will gladly let him go first.                                                                                       January. - I am in. May the reign go to brother April. In that case I can grand you your wish.                                          April took the magic  spare from the January: - Come, you rivers, chime in chorus. Burst the limits of your bank. Crawl you ants,  come to the surface, after winter's mighty embrace. The heavy bear trudges through the forest's undergrowth. Bird song chimes from every branch, snowdrops are already in bloom.   (Girl went to pick the flowers.)    January. - But of course  - it is her.  I recognized her immediately. Yes, we Winter months meet her often. Soon you will meet her carrying buckets to a hole in the rivers surface. Soon you will see her  in the forest carrying a bundle of firewood.  And she is kind to everyone.                                                                                                                             Summer months. -   We, the Summer months, can only say  the best of her too. You are completely right.  Even before sunset she is already working in the garden  to pull out the weeeds and remove the caterpillars. And if she  sets foot into the forest she never breaks off a branch needlessly. She loves the plants and animals.                    April. - I see that even you, my brothers, can only speak well of her. Therefore I want to give  her my ring as a gift!     February. - You do right by her. Give her your ring. She deserves it.  (Girl coming back with the full basket of flowers). Girl. - You have been so good to me... Farewell and thank you so much!                                                                April. - Wait. So you will not forget us. (gives the ring to the girl.)  If you ever find yourself in distress or in grave danger then toss the ring onto the floor and call: ''Roll, roll my ring, on the steps into Spring, into Summer's hall, into Autumn's chamber small on Winter's carpet, then come to the New Year's Fire ''  and we will all  come to your aid immediately. All twelve at once ! With storm and thunder, with sun and snow. There is only one thing... Don't tell anybody how you found your way to us.                                                                                                                            January. - You cannot show the way to anybody. That you have to promise .                                                                  Girl. - I promise! I will never show it  to anybody.  Farewell, twelve months.                                                                     April. - Farewell, little girl.                                                                                                                                                   January. - Hey, Godfather moon ! Come forth behind your veil of clouds and guide our guest. (the girl walking home)     December. - Take back your staff now, brother January. I think you can reign again now.                                           January. - Just one moment, brother December.  I have to show my gratitude first.  Thank you very much , Godfather Moon!  (He takes the magic spare back from April.) Well, brother April, it is time : '' From the North's icy seas, out of that heavy silver gate I will let out with a roar, I will let free, brothers of three ! Storm - eldest of the brothers, rekindle the flame again. Frost - second of the brother  - forged a silver couldron in which Spring's sap brews and Summer's resin thaws. At last I call you  - snowstorm ! Come swiftly. Faster, snowstorm !  Roar, sweap and bury all paths on your way ! So that neither foot nor rider may gain access to this forest.  "                                                                         *       *           *             *               *            *                *           *                  *          *             *               *         *               *    (Meanwhile there is a big celebration  at the Royal Palace all filled with the Holday's lights and orchestral music.  Queen dance with her teacher-professor. )                                                                                                                        Parrot in the cage. - Happy New year, happy New Year, your majesty !                                                                           Guests. - Much luck for the next year, your majesty.                                                                                                         Queen. - You do not have to wish me that. I am always lucky. Besides, the New Year has not started yet. How many days does December have ?                                                                                                                                              Professor. - December? 31, your majesty.                                                                                                          Queen.  -  Good. Then today is December the 32nd.                                                                                                         Royal court Lady.  -Oh, what a fabulous jest for a New Year Eve !                                                                     Queen  . - I am not jesting! I am very serious! (Orchestra stop playing music) Tomorrow will be the 33nd of December and so forth. The day after tomorrow will be December the 34th, then  December the 35th, December 36th, December 37th, December 38, 39th and 40 th. And December will not end until someone brought me a basket of snowdrops . Professor .- I beg your pardon. But her majesty is waiting in vain for this .                                                           Queen. - You disagree?                                                                                                                                    Professor. - Yes, I disagree! Now and ever again, your majesty. There will never be a 40th of December! It is proven by the science.  And eight times eight equal sixty-four, teaches the law of mathematics.  Six times six is not seventeen, but thirty-six. That has also been proven by science. That is the truth. For this I will give my head. And snowdrops first bloom in April !                                                                                                                                          Gardener. - I am the gardener, yout majesty. Snowdrops really first bloom in April.                                                        Queen. - Don't talk such nonsense! I forbid it ! If I don't have a basket of snowdrops in five minutes....Then I will order both the know-it-all professor and the gardener to be executed. Hear, chancellor : prepare two death sentences !         Gardener. - But your majesty, I am only responsible for the flowers in the gardens ! The flowers of the forest are the responsibility of the senior foresty official.                                                                                                                          Queen. - How good of you to tell me that. Splendid ! Just a moment, Chancellor ! I am altering my decision with death sentences for all three !                                                                                                                                                      Parrot. -  Happy New Year, your majesty !                                                                                                                        Queen. - Just a moment, chancellor, write down death sentences for three humans and one parrot . (parrot passing out)..                                                                                                                                                                          Soldier at the door  .-I am reporting to her majesty that accourding to your Royal  wish these two women brought a basket of snowdrops into the palace !                                                                                                                                Queen. - Capellmeister, play up ! If a queen demands it, there are even snowdrops in winter. December is over. The New Year has begun ! You may all congratulate me now.                                                                                                 Chancellor. - Happy New Year, your majesty !                                                                                                                  Royal court lady . - And much luck to you in the coming year.                                                                                         Parrot. - Happy New Year , your majesty! Happy New Year !   Queen. - Happy New Year !( they lighten the fir)            Stepmother  receiving a basket back filled with the gold. - Happy New year, your majesty! And much luck your majesty ! When my daughter and I heard your royal decree we said  with one voice: even if we starve, even if we freeze to death we have to fulfill our majesty's heartfelt wish . Without a second thought we took our basket and went into the forest.  We went deeper and deeper into the forest until there was  suddenly a huge lake ! So big was it, and round as a soup bowl . Flowers stood in bloom as far as the eye could  see ! The whole riverside was a carpet of flowers ! Carpet of flowers !                                                                                                                                                Queen. - Oh, how gorgeous it must be there.  My sleight! My coat. Coats for you all ! We will drive to that lake to collect snowdrops and these two women will drive ahead and show us the way !                                                             Stepmother. - Mercy ! Daughter. - Mercy !  Both. - We must confess that we do not know the way. Not know the way ! My stepdaughter went into the forest ! And my stepdaughter that useless thing found the snowdrops !                Queen. - Where is your stepdaughter?                                                                                                                               Stepmother. - We left that brat standing in front of the gate.                                                                                             Queen. - You are lucky then because you only have 10 minutes. Exactly 10 minutes if you value your life and that of your daughter then don't be late !  (Stepmother with the daughter running to the gates where the girl stays). Stepmother. - I beg you, help us. Help us ! Come with us or we are dead !                                                                    Stepmother coming back in palace . - I am beside myself, your majesty. When I ordered her to pick up more flowers, she obeyed. But she refused to show the way ! If only she wasn't so pigheaded . But be unconcerned, your majesty, a great idea came to me. Outsmart her we did that stubborn thing ! Let my stepdaughter continue to think that she is going into the forest alone. My daughter is sneaking after her to mark the way and we will follow  in her majesty's sleight.                                                                                                                                                                                Queen. - Let's go. Harness the horses. Get the coats.                                                                                                      *        *           *           *            *          *             *           *           *            *            *           *           *           *           *         *  (In the forest ) girl. - That is the big oak. I saw the fire from here.  ( The stepsister follows her; cone from the tree fell and hit her.)  Stepdaughter. - Outch !  The girl. -  What are you doing here ? Now I see your intend ! As thanks for me helping you , you want to deceive me ?! Let's go back. ( take the stepsister's hand)                Stepsister. - Let me go ! We cannot go back. The queen is following me ! She will arrive here any minute now.           ( The girl tries to run away but the Royal carriage reached them ) .                                                                                  Stepmother. - Your magesty, this is my stepdaughter.                                       Queen. - So it's you. You are the girl who knows where flowers bloom in winter. Demand whatever you want ! I will give you everything you desire. Nothing will be too expensive  for me. You only have to tell me where you found the snowdrops. Come on, show me the way.   Girl. - Exuse me, I'm very sorry but I cannot comply with your request, I must not.                                                          Queen. - Request? Oh no. I did not issue a request but an order. And I will repeat it. Take us to the snowdrops at once ! You defy my order?! Take that coat off of her ! ( The soldier taking off the coat of the girl ) .Well ! Take her  scarf as well !  And  I am taking your  mittens ! (she pulled the mittens off the girl's hands , the ring fell down on the snow). Girl. - My ring ! My beautiful ring !  Queen. - Oh! Not even in my treasury is there such a marvelous ring.         ( The old soldier who met the girl here in the forest before came closer to the girl and covering her shoulders with the scarf.) Girl. - Thank you. Queen. - Say, where you got it !  Girl . - I won't.  Queen . - Never have I met such imprudence !  Queen. - I command to tell me !  Girl. - I won't say it.   Queen. - Very well then  you will have to say goodbye to your ring to never see it again !  (Throwing the ring away).                                                                             Girl. - Roll, roll my ring, on the steps  into Spring, into Summer's hall, into Autumn's chamber small. On Winter's carpet,  then come to the New Year's Fire !  ( The girl runs away. )  Stepmother .  - After her ! Get her back !               Sudden wind  picked all visiters flying in the air. Then, after they landed the weather  start changing rapidly :                 Ice on the lake  cracked on pieces  and quickly melted in water.  There are a new buds appeared on the trees, soon green leafs start growing... Birds sing as it's Spring.  Someone said : '' It's Spring''. Professor walks over the green grass amazing to the snowdrops. Flowers came suddenly off the ground and filled out the space.                                  Professor. - It is against the law of Nature so it can't be !            Queen. - Snowdrops !                                                 The Royal court lady. -  Where, your majesty? I cannot see any snowdrops. The snowdrops your majesty  so enjoed are Lily of the valley .  ( The snowdrops suddenly turned into the Lily of the valley).                                                         Professor. -  Lily of the valley ? Please ! Daisies bloom in this meadow !  ( Lily of the valley turned into the Daisies ).     The voice. - I would like to see the Daisies you speak of, professor. There a No flowers at all !                                    Queen. - He is right. The flowers vanished.     Royal court lady . - Yes, simply vanished. There are delicious berries though !   Queen. - Oh, it's so hot ! I cannot bear this.   (Everybody start get undressed pulling of the scarfs and coats) Royal court lady . -  Call a doctor ! I think I am sunstruck.. Water... Water...   ( Suddenly the weather have changed into a great thunder, strike, ..rain.., hail.., severe wind. All coats flew away, in the air start getting very chilly ).               The voice . - Help ! The World is ending !   The Royal court lady  flying with the wind. - Help me  ! Hold me down ! I am flying away.               Queen holding a branch of tree to prevent herself of flying . - Harness the horses ! We drive back to the palace !                     Chancellor  (also embracing the tree) . - We came by sleight and now the roads are all muddy !    One soldier brought two horses of the sleight  to the chancellor, holding the horses . -  We will ride, Chancellor !  Yes , we will ride !        Queen . - You will regret that ! When I am back home  I will have both of you executed !       (Chancellor and the soldier leaving the place by the horses).                                                                     Queen. - Wind stops. Snowflakes... Suddenly it snows.  It's winter again.           Professor. -  The seasons too follow each other in a particular order. Right now it is January and winter accordingly.                                                               Queen . - What frost this is, I am aching all over because of the cold.                                                                               Stepmother with daughter . - We will freeze to death here ! I cannot feel my toes anymore ! And my hands, my poor hands !                                                                                                                                                                                January coming out of the trees and walking toward the travelers.                                                                            Queen. -  Hie, grandfather, help us out of here !  I will reward you like Royalty . I will give you gold, give you every thing I own, but please rescue us !                                                                                                                                     January . -  I do not need your money. I am wealthier than you are.  My riches are unaccountable.  That is why I will not  let myself  receive  a present  but will give something to you. Tell me  what is it  that you wish for the most on New Year's Eve. Younger Queen, you may begin.                                                                                                                     Queen. - I want to be back in my palace.  But it's impossible, because I don't have any horses.                                      January . - You will return to your palace.        Professor. - I have but one wish that everything  stay in it's place accourding to it's order and appears  at it's  designated time, as the law of Nature commands. Summer in Summer, Winter in Winter and I myself, if you please, would like to be home.                                                                                  January . - That will certainly come true. And what do you wish for, soldier?                                                                    Old soldier . -  I want to warm myself by a Fire. I don't need anymore.                                                                            Stepmother with the daughter , Daughter. - We would both like a fur.  Stepmother. - Hush ! We only got one wish. It has to be thought through.    Daughter . - Nonsense ! There is nothing to think through. It's cold and the most important thing is that we don't freeze to death ! We would like a fur, even if it's only a dog's fur.                                     January tossing two coats to them. - Here you go and don't worry they won't wear off that easily. There you have it !    Stepmother . - How can someone be so stupid ! If you wish, for fur, you wish for sable fur !                                           Daughter . - You aren't any smarter. But if you really don't like it, fine by me ! (taking the second coat for herslef). Two furs are warmer than one !        Stepmother . - That would suit you, wouldn't  it ? I am not a dumb. To wish for a dog's fur for New Year's Eve ...          Daughter . -  Why, that dog's fur seems made for you . You already bark like a dog.       Stepmother . - You bark like a dog.     Daughter . -  No, you bark like a dog.  (Both wear the coats on, same time both turned into the dogs keep barking loud).                                                                                                             January . - Come over here, soldier. Harness the dogs in front of this sleight and head straight ahead. There is a Fire not far from here by which's side you can warm yourself.   *              *               *                   *                 *               *       At the Fire staying all Months.  Girl dressed up in very warm and beautiful winter clothes. She smiles and happy.          February . - These boots are far too pretty to plow with them through the snow.  ..Oi, you there ! You swift spirits, crafters of sleights and masters of the forest ! Do you have a noble sleight ?  Skids made of silver, lavish cushions made from sable ?  ( The foxes arriving of the forest harnessed with the new sleight).                                                     March . -  A magnificent sleight needs magnificent horses. ( The foxes dissapered and instead three white horses  with the sleight coming near Fire). You won't be without them for I have chosen the most beautiful horses everywhere. See, they are already at your service !      (Same time the Royal sleight arriving to the Fire).                       Old soldier  steped down of the sleight - Greetings to all of you around this Fire and if you allow me, I will warm myself a little. (warming his hands by the Fire).                                                                                                                 Girl talking to the queen . - Why don't you step closer ?                                                                                                    Old soldier . - You need not be surprised.  You have changed so much.  You look like a queen now.                            Queen . - How dare you ! You compare that girl to me ?  This is intolerable !                                                                   Two dogs jumping around the girl.  Girl . -  I have never seen these dogs before but they seems strangely familiar when I hear their voices. It sounds as if they're not barking but arguing !                                                                          Old soldier . - One ought to think that you know them . The bark of a dog they only got very recently though. But even  before that they always argued and yaped at each other ! Your stepmother and her daughter.                               Girl . - Tell me, dear January, will they have to remain as dogs forever ?                                                                          January . -  No, no. They will go with you and protect your house and farm. For three years for the time being. If they have become any tamer after these three years then come to this spot on New Year's Eve and I will remove the dog's fur from them.    Now, little girl, take a seat in your sleight and head for home before the storm arrives.                          May . - Patience ! You are splendid horses exept for one thing I will give you my little bells. ( He hangs the bells over the horses' necks)  To the sound of jingles a trip is much more fun !                                                                                 Old soldier . - Wouldn't it be splendid, your majesty, if the girl would take us with her in her sleight ?  Then we would be at the palace very soon .With your  permission, your majesty, I will ask her.                                                                Queen . - I do not need to ask. I am the queen ! ( walking to the girl) Listen, girl. Take us with you in your sleight.  We lost a horses .You will not regret it. I will reward you handsomely. I do not care for that .                                                  Girl . - Thank you, but I do not need your gifts.       Queen . - How dare she refuse me !                                                  February . - Maybe the words you spoke  offended her. But such a thought would never cross your mind.                     Queen . - Queens simply don't converse in any other way. They do not ask but demand !                                               Old soldier . -  You know what, your majesty, speak to that girl not as a queen but as a human. ''Take us with you. I beg you. We are so very cold.''                                                                                                                                           Queen . - I think I understand now... Dear girl... please take us with you. We are so very cold.                                        Girl . - But of course ! Take a seat. You will get coats as well. You can keep them. I do not want them back. I know far too well how one freezes in this weather without a coat.                                                                                                    ...    Sleight starts move away of the Fire.                     Girl  . -  Farewell, brother April !       April . - Farewell, little girl ! And don't forget the Twelve Brothers. We will come to see you . Each one at his own time !     Girl . - ( Horses leaving the meadow, dogs run behind the sleight)  Thank you so much Twelve Months. I will never forget you and your Fire !                                                                                         Queen . -  I would gladly forget all that, but I cannot.                      Months . - Have a good trip !  Be careful ! The way is as smooth as a mirror !                                                                                                                                                    *                                                                                   *       *        *                                                                                  *              More and more pale the Moon becomes , and with it star's endless oceans . From the eastern gate the red sun emerges  to lead a young couple without fear . To a New Day and a New Year  !  

( This wonderful story is made as a cartoon(animation)  to watch in color. It possible on There are two versions of animation. One was made in 1956 by ''soyuzmultfilm'', the other in 1980 by Japanese production. Both are good.  One is with the English subtitles. The other film in English. Type : Marshak ''12 months'' animation 1956 ( or 1980) and watch. Kids would love it !                                                                                                                                                          Coming soon  Korney Chukovsky ''Doctor Powderpill'' . Doctor Powderpill transformed from the Chukovsky's ''Doctor Aibolit''  > (english) ''Doctor Ay-it's-hurt '' . It's a fairy poem for the ages 3 to 8 + . This story is forever in favorites for those who already a 100 years old and  had heard it when they were a little kids.  Our lifes and works and everything we do have to make a good impact for a children and their future. That's why I share my time and pages with them, continue to give them more stories to listen.  I remember when I was a kid : sat, watched the fairy tale on the TV; my granma loved watch it too,  with me. She enjoyed it very much, just like me. This story you can read on the page ''Business today'' in the entertainment section.