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                                           After inauguration relaxation:

                                     Anna Netrebko sings Franz Lehar in Berlin.

Tamara Sinyavskaya and Muslim Magomaev sing  romanse " I remember sounds of walse "

                                 Bella Rudenko and Virgil Noreyka sing Verdi

                                         Latvia is really cool on singing. Watch this !

19 of January..

Tomorrow, tomorrow... that song were performed in the movie " Dave" by Kevin Kline and Sigourney Weaver. Very cool situation where the president was in the hospital in coma, and Dave's resemblance helped to make some good changes in the Politic, even make the first lady to feel better. She and him took  away of the House for a little time to drive out in the city. And here you are:  police right away stopping, questioning. And they both lie. They say that they are just an actors and look alike the first couple. Dave - president sings a song "Tomorrow" and the real first lady join him for singing. Policeman at last said to him that he is very good, but she isn't that good, she needs a lots of work.
Tomorrow all American people and the rest of the world will watch the inauguration. We all know that it has to be awsome show. Donald Trump is a hope on finish and sweep off the land all slavery, discrimination, lies, threat- to say it in common word will be " all negative which prevent progress to grow". For that we all need a strong government for the people. Government is working in the progress- people are happy. From now on only people who have a passport , or on the way to get their citizenship would be allowed to stay in. No more chaos and intervention. Banks only American banks, owned by american and served by american. How is that?- Good ! Tomorrow is a very great day of changing a bad government for the good. 
Tomorrow is a big holiday for all good american. We need a lots of humor to  go over the remaining, falling apart pieces of " Bama -Clinton care", their nasty fraud -foundation and all bad inheritance in the manner and behavior of the people who never had as example something good to follow and behave as. Black apes' routine of making an ugly laws, rules, where family are split apart, where the foreign synagogue of occupants teaching the alderlies how to enslave their grandchildren. I can't wait when all Chicago Synagogue will deport their 'rabbies' back to their concentration camps  where they would be kept for the lifetime as those who they planned it to be like. Thanks God it soon over. Crashing Chicago Synagogue for me looks alike a crashing the fourth reich where the Hitler tried to fulfill his wishes. Ask a woman, every woman who go to synagogue if they like it. No, they don't. They hate it. All women will get a freedom and a job...because foreign illegal corporation of the fraud in action will be deported home, to the homy incubator for the white imbeciles... or else ! I would never thought before that..Synagogue would be such evil place. Time out then !

In movie " Dave" Kevin Kline depicts both : pig' behavior president and his twin from the crowd. Copy of the real one did much better. Watch the trailer.. perhaps the whole movie.

 Someone will sing tomorrow the American anthem, we know.
No one ever will sing as well as it sang the great tenor Leslie Nelson. Nowho !!! Ever !

What would stay solid grounds??- perhaps fertility center would remain, though the woman in the healthy environment would not be in need to look for the fertility center, so and the man. Perhaps..  in some cases. Just in some cases, where they really want to be a very single parents...or else.  In anyhows, the planned parenthood is very good plan for any kind of family. It has to be in plan only by the single people, couples, NOT BY THE CORPORATION to grow the disaster inside of Country. Corporate kids without mom and a vagrants. Well, talking about the planned parenthood we have to mention the schools, where the kids are getting a nice education, good manners, future people of the Earth....alike Michelle Obama was changing the outfits and talking about her ancestry-slaves.. . trying to get more benefits. Michelle Obama, what this woman was educated for??- nobody really knows, some foreign bank of Kenya probably paid for all inconvenience. I am just kidding. Nobody really paid for the inconvenience of american having this lady in the government for quiet a long time. How many alike her > living  parasite, not doing anything good, only every day chat:'' we were slaves". Oh, lets forget this black history's  imported nightmare. Lets tune up not for their white descendents who will be exact copy of those only in white - bamas, spongers ! yeh !
So, our beloved Leslie Nelson and his character go to fertility clinic.
.... She gave him few adult movies. He is coming out of room, giving her the required material in exchange, saying: " it was very entertaining ...Do you have " Spartacus" ? 

Imagine the episode where Priscilla Presley singing in the shower and the robber-man join for duet from the other side.. of curtain.  To turn this world, or switch to the romantic we in need more of a beautiful women like Priscilla. The criminal holds the gun as a microphone and sing as he never does a wrong, only right.


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All Country, the whole world is waiting for the American inauguration. People of America elect Donald Trump as a leader for the new and real change of society to the best model it could be. Everything good has to be kept. If the social life is losing its good points of living good, then it become hard to reestablish, to put it back. Therefore  people and their government must be vigilant onto keeping the society in a good shape. Be respectful and get along well with the world's best cultures and traditions. 

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